Wondering if anyone else has had this - there is a specific piece of road that in the dark, with near 100% consistency t

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Post by Martin »

Wondering if anyone else has had this - there is a specific piece of road that in the dark, with near 100% consistency trips the lane departure system - it beeps at me and forcible jolts my steering wheel into the centre of the road (ie towards oncoming traffic).

Fortunately it’s a quiet road and I’m prepared for it now (just hold the steering wheel tightly) so I don’t veer past the centerline, but it’s always a bit scary.

Happens whether Cruise Control is on or not. The road has a solid white centre marking but no marking on the kerbside (just bitumen straight onto grass). No other lines on the road that could be throwing it off.

Have never had it happen anywhere else after 1,500km but if it’s night time, 90% chance it will happen on this spot (although occasionally, it doesn’t!)

Anyone else had something like this?
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Post by Brock »

Yeah just after school drop off there is a particular bit of road the system wants to yank me into incoming traffic, but I'm prepared for it, suppose I could turn it off as well.

It's the only spot it's done this in 7000km of driving
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Post by Robin »

You can ask it to warn you rather than take preventative action ...

Driver assist, LSS. Lane Assist (Warning, Prevention, Off) - I've set it to Warning, so you get a vibration alert on the steering wheel, but it does not attempt correction.
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Post by Veronica »

Yep. I have learnt to go way closer to the centre line of the road than I would otherwise. Seems to accept the adjusted position much better. If I forget to, it chucks a wobbly. I may have created new swear words. 🤔😉 It's a pretty narrow, windy road.
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Post by Ryan »

I turned mine off.
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Post by Simon »

Turn that stuff off.
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Post by Nina »

I've turned mine off but kept the emergency on. There's regular sections of my drive where the system likes to warn me about the lanes. But it's just alarms. I also find it humorous that the system warns me of collisions each time I exit a roundabout with parked cars near it. 🤪
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Yeah on a small country road. I turn it off everytime i drive the car
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Post by Ronald »

I have two spots on my regular route that the car does this. Both on right hand curves in the road. One spot has a small imperfection in the road surface and the other has a small wash of white gravel at the edge of the road. I have started driving closer to the centre of the road on these corners to stop it jerking the wheel.
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Post by Scott »

Have also turned mine off after it tried to end me a couple of times
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