Went to Kmart for my first booked service. Then was told I had to leave the car there for at least half a day. I thought

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Went to Kmart for my first booked service. Then was told I had to leave the car there for at least half a day. I thought it won’t take 1 hour. Seems a bit long. What’s your experience?

The guy claimed there are firmware update which may take 3 hours.
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Post by Daniel »

Mine literally took 45 minutes at Mycar Hartwell. Wondering if they did all the tests that were listed on the list of work.
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Mine is at the shop now for first service, was told 3-4 hours mostly due software that doesn't come OTA...
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Post by Gary »

Not enough details to respond to your situation
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The day I went, they were waiting for THEIR software to be updated before they could update my Atto3 (it had failed over night, s they had to restart it when they opened that morning)... so I had to come back another day just for that, about 20min or so. It was frustrating. The thing that was most annoying, when I made the original booking, they said they'd only need and hour...and not hearing from them I contacted them after 3 hours f dropping it off, 😡 only to be THEN told that they were just waiting for updates, and it wasn't going to happen that day! Luckily, unlike most, I only live 20min away. I feel for those who need to travel further...
They could have phoned the morning before I dropped off and given me the opportunity to re-book...
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I went for my 40k service with them and it went ok. They mention the update could take hours. Service was $370 and didn't even come with lube...
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They told me half a day too, but called after 3 hours to say it's ready...
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It depends on their connection speed. Sometimes it can take a lot longer than usual. That was my experience. Seems very frustrating for the service folks too.
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I just did a 40K service today at Albion in Brisbane. The guy asked me what time I wanted it back and gave me a 4 hr window. I said I didn't think it should take that long. He said if I wanted to wait it might be quicker. It was about 2.5hrs.
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Was this MyCar in Werribee?
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