Torn between the new Tesla model 3 and the more affordable Seal Dynamic in Sydney.

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Post by Shaun »

Torn between the new Tesla model 3 and the more affordable Seal Dynamic in Sydney.
I've heard of a couple horror stories for sales/delivery and after sale service from BYD.

The only thing holding me back is the infrastructure and support for these EVs. Anyone have positive stories/recommendations?
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Post by Wayne »

Two quite different cars. Seal is 150kW and heavier than 150kW Tesla 3 RWD. Tesla 0-100kph ~6 seconds Seal, ~7.7 seconds.
Seal 400l boot, Tesla 560l boot.
The Seal Dynamic is great value if you want a low slung sedan.
Test drive both before signing away your money IMO.
P.S. I drive the Atto3 that we love and that has no Tesla competitor except the $68k model Y.
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Post by John »

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Post by Brendan »

Test drive both.

In terms of infrastructure - Tesla is slowly opening their supercharger network to non Tesla's, but BYD doesn't work very well at some sites, and doesn't charge at all at V3 sites. That's apparently being worked on, a handshake issue.

Infrastructure is improving at a rapid clip, it's just not the major distinction any more.

The model 3 would definitely be the faster charger. It's more efficient and autopilot is apparently way, way better than BYD's driver assist functions. You also won't have the expensive scheduled servicing demanded by eagers. But there's a define price premium and the BYD wins in other areas like 360 camera etc.

Test drive then go with what your gut tells you.

Few regrets from our Atto 3, though if I'd waited a few months I might've tested the model 3 at it's current price - but for me Elon Musk is a fascist toxic waste dump with a mouth that never improves anything when it opens.
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Post by Greg »

I have had no trouble with the BYD atto 3, great car. Servicing has not been a problem.
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Post by Weiyun »

I am a 2+ years owner of M3LR and think they are both excellent with differences. Choices are mostly subjective. To me, Tesla still leads in the tech (weight reduction and energy efficiency) but with a cost premium. BYD Seal is heavier (200+kg) and less efficient than Tesla but has 90% of Tesla’s tech but significantly cheaper ie. Value buy. AutoPilot is fantastic in the Tesla but how much better is it to BYD’s system and worth? Then there’s the clean simplistic interior of the M3 vs luxuriously comfortable interior of the Seal. As for charging infrastructure, the general public charging network is more and more readily available than 1+ years ago on highways, it’s no longer an absolute distinction. As a matter of fact, I just don’t use Superchargers when in the city, only for the occasional long country drives. Ultimately, it’s a discretionary expenditure issue at this point in time and which you enjoy driving more.
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