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by Martin
Fri Nov 10, 2023 6:59 am
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Topic: Asking yet another question .
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by Martin
Wed Nov 08, 2023 6:11 am
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Topic: I've read a lot of anecdotal descriptions of the apparent 'upgrades' to the Atto 3 (eg the rear badge says "BYD ATT
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No evidence whatsoever that I’ve been able to find.
by Martin
Tue Nov 07, 2023 4:29 am
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Topic: anyone can share the BYD friendly public charging station list in Sydney urban area? I just found out most public chargi
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All but the Tesla chargers are Byd friendly
by Martin
Tue Nov 07, 2023 12:20 am
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Topic: Does anyone know where to get the front trunk for the BYD Atto 3 for a RHD so that I could put the charging cables in th
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Frunks, there's a few options out there, depends on where in the country you're located. Usual places to look are ali express or ebay. A couple of folks sell them on the facbook pages. I got 1 from a guy in SA, Fits great, looks great.

Someone who sells them might get in touch.
by Martin
Mon Nov 06, 2023 9:29 pm
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Topic: I just ordered the BYD Seal Premium! But I was wondering how will the government rebate grant which ends thus year. Will
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Pretty sure the rebate applies from the order date, not delivery date.
by Martin
Thu Nov 02, 2023 8:08 pm
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Topic: Following from yesterday's post, the Atto 3 charged last night...
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In the car settings untick the charge to 100% box
by Martin
Thu Nov 02, 2023 7:17 am
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Topic: When parking the car, while on D and foot on a break, is it safe to just directly to press the stop button as it automat
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Yes, that’s all I’ve ever done