O am curious. Why are so many people having issues with the 12v battery? I live in Brisbane. Is this problem more of a V

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Post by Ross »

O am curious. Why are so many people having issues with the 12v battery? I live in Brisbane. Is this problem more of a Victorian and/or NSW issue because of the weather? Do other EVs have this issue?
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Post by James »

Have not had this issue myself….yet.

Daily driver, 84km each way commute, live in Ballarat (doesn’t get any colder than here), charge vehicle to 100% 5 days a week. Car was delivered mid December. And don’t carry a “jump pack”.

Battery monitors look great, and sure you can probably learn a lot about system ops but the only options you have are charge the battery externally or replace. It’s not like you can change the charge system characteristics.

I would like to understand the vehicle usage and car charging ops of people who are experiencing failures.
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Post by Monica »

We have two cars and no issues. Compared to how many cars have been delivered I expect it is not a huge problem. You will always see people discussing issues rather than posts about how great the cars are.
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Post by David »

We probably need to consider it is a very small battery compared to an ICE car and even though it doesn’t take much to turn on the main battery if you do something that needs a fair bit of power like open the tail gate that can tip it over the edge. If you do something like turn on the seat heaters etc then the car connects the main battery and the 12v battery is no longer powering the 12v systems.
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Post by Kent »

Are many people having issues or is it just that those who are are disproportionately posting on social media?
(Those who are not having issues don’t post that they aren’t having issues. You are not seeing a statistically randomized sample).
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Post by Ben0 »

I had the issue and was on the latest software. Car delivered in April.
Took it to the service centre then they said the 12v was good but there was another software update for it (not sure why since I had the latest version). Also they said to do more granny charing. The past few weeks I mainly charged using DC which may not top up the 12v fully.
Still continue to monitor it for now
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Only early delivery holders (before ~Nov 2022) have this issue.

Later cars with up to date software ** are not affected.
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Post by Gary »

I’ve had my Atto3 for 22wks not once have I’ve had a issue or problem with the 12v battery

From my observations - it appears to be a user error - it’s related to home charging & scheduling

I charge every day at public charging stations - it’s set to charge immediately - so no idle time

Not everyone has this problem

It’s learning how the computer system works
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Post by Dimitar »

Guys, I do jot understand- is this 12V battery problem a software one, or just a crap battery.
If it is not software, I will buy and change the battery with my own money. This will save me hours of anxiety.
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Post by Jean »

I haven't had this problem yet but installing the Battery Monitor I noticed that as soon as you switch ON the car or have a charger plugged in even if not charging due to scheduling it charges the 12V battery.
Maybe the batteries don't like to always be fully charged?
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