Last night ,my wife drove from the suburb to the city (28km) when the battery was showing 20% , with approx 108KM range

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Post by Mahesh »

Last night ,my wife drove from the suburb to the city (28km) when the battery was showing 20% , with approx 108KM range at 7pm.

After the event was finished at 11:30pm, it seems the battery was showing 3%.

Anyway she took her chances and almost reached home, the vehicle stopped and she parked at the local 7/11, 3KM from home.

The crew member did not allow use of the power connection inside 7/11 at midnight.

So we had no choice but to call BYD roadside assist ( first year free) , the tow truck got the Atto3 home around 2am this morning

I am surprised that the battery went so low so quickly.

Anyone had similar issues?
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Post by Frank »

Yes it does drop off rather quickly when you get down to low percentages.

Plus it was dark - stormy & raining over most of Brisbane @ that time which will use up more of your battery life.

Never ever look or trust km guesstimate.
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Post by Xingyu »

Two questions.

How many KMs has this car been driven?


When was the last time the battery was dropped to sub 20%, and charged to 100%?
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Post by Jyoti »

With known distance u need to travel you took the risk. Better u would have popped to some DC charger on way n charged for 10 minutes would have eliminate the risk. Vehicle almost did the job , with 20 % u drive approx 60km. My normal calculation is 3km per percent. How did you drive below 5% it should be damm slow.
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Post by Rosalba »

Also you need to take into account inclines. My drive to work is 20km. Uphill to work 8%. Down hill home 3% battery use.
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Post by Jason »

So the best way to think about it is go back to your old petrol car method, anything under 20% is like having the fuel light on and you really should top up, noting the fact it was night and possibly raining you're going to eat up that battery faster, as will highway driving, going anywhere other than a charging station with less than 10% is asking for trouble, the distance calculated on screen is usually a best case scenario not a real world estimate in the same way you'd get car companies selling petrol vehicles with claimed numbers for litres per 100klm the real world figures are not going to reflect the numbers achieved in test situations.
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Post by Taylor »

10% or less should be treated as the fuel light on... you'll only get a limited unknown range
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