Just went for a test drive today. Love the car and how it drives but I felt a bit nauseous afterwards.

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Post by Henry »

Just went for a test drive today. Love the car and how it drives but I felt a bit nauseous afterwards.

I get nauseous easily with start/stop driving, regardless of car brand and a quick Google suggest the instant torque and regen braking of an EV might be a contributing factor.

I will most likely still proceed with the order but just curious if anyone else experienced something similar and if it gets better especially once you get used to driving an EV?
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Post by Russ »

Use eco mode
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Post by Hugh »

You have the option to turn the regen off (to low) so that will be a good way to test whether this is contributing to the cause at least. Was the article you got this information from talking about a Tesla Regen, as on them it is very noticeable
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Post by Anthony »

Takes a while to get accustomed to one pedal driving - I drove Tesla and yes can be hard on the slowing down when lift foot , so you gotta be smooth
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Post by Kim0 »

I felt like that on my test drive but perfectly fine other wise
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Post by Christine »

I feel like that in sport. Normal or eco are fine
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Post by Mike »

I felt nauseous when I first got the car but soon got over it.
No problem now..
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Post by Ben0 »

You'd need time to experiment with the settings. Eco/Normal/Sport drive mode, Standard/High regen braking, comfort or sport brake mode, comfort or sport steering. Lot of combos available there to fine tune the experience.
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Post by Konrad »

Had the same nausea with acceleration and and high regen when first owed the car, only lasted a few weeks before I got used to it
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Post by Evroad »

That is the regen braking, did the same to me and considered cancelling.
Changed to low regen and drives like a normal car.
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