I am due to get my Atto 3 at the end of April but have major concerns over the roof issues.

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Post by Martin »

I am due to get my Atto 3 at the end of April but have major concerns over the roof issues.

I was wondering how many people have checked their roof panels, specifically between the sunroof and roof rail on the left hand side?

I know it doesn’t matter to some people but It does to me so I’m trying to gauge if it’s on every car or if it’s hit and miss?

Thanks in advance everyone 😀
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Post by MJMJ »

I honestly couldn't tell you if mine has it , that is saying something
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Post by Anthony »

I walked past the cars parked at the dealership and most had the roof issue
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Post by Simon »

Mine has it.
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Post by Ariane »

What is the roof issue?
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Post by Vic0 »

This along with tail lights issue made us cancelled the order (plus our existing lease) Might revisit later in the year or early next year when Dolphin and Seal are released.
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Post by Brock »

Mine is fine
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Post by Gabe »

If you have to look hard to see it,it's not the issue. Your imagination is the issue.
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Post by Hugh »

Was the first thing I looked for and was definitely visible and there on all the demo ATTO3 that BYD displayed during the recent EV show @ Sydney ICC.😒
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Post by Eman »

I did not notice mine until I looked for it closely. Can't even tell when I wash my car.
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