Hi team, I did a novated lease on my Atto 3. Dealership offered tinting, exterior coating and treatment for internals. D

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Post by Tan0 »

Hi team, I did a novated lease on my Atto 3. Dealership offered tinting, exterior coating and treatment for internals. Does that qualify as maintenance expense in your novated lease? Has anyone got compensated for those cosmetic things even if you did it through someone else?
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Post by Thomas »

Not a maintenance expense, only way to include is through dealer
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Post by Shane »

No it’s not a maintenance cost, it’s accessories which is added onto the lease . Go external for those items especially window tint and paint protection. They charge double the price and believe me the paint protection is not worth the piece of paper written.
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Post by Ian0 »

I have just had the window tinting, paint protection and interior treatment done on my new Atto and I had them done after delivery at the local Tint a Car. Much cheaper than the dealer and I still managed to have them included on the lease.

If you haven't signed for the lease yet, send me a message and I will pass on the details of the company I used that made it all happen for me. They were the best as far as price goes too. Can't hurt to get a quote.
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Post by Ryan »

I had tint included in my lease but not from the dealer. Your lease company will have a list of suppliers for accessories you can use for the start of the lease and will be included in the purchase price but can not be added on after the lease is signed as a maintenance item.
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Post by Tanya »

I found tinting was cheaper via the novated lease
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Post by Christopher »

I haven’t got my car yet but I opted to include them in the lease. I calculated the cost wotj and without and after tax it only makes a very marginal cost difference.

I won’t tell you what I think you should do though. Make the decision that is best suited for you 😀
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The problem about getting them done through dealer means it pushes up the final cost which will add to the overall balloon payment
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Post by John »

Simple answer is no, it had to be paid for at the time the lease started, my lease provider included it, you can add almost ANYTHING at the time of the lease (even aftermarket through your lease provider if they will do it) but the moment you get the car, all accessories, car mats, tinting, tow bars, roof racks, protections etc are all not claimable... you can however get carwash and detailing done as maintenance and servicing - if you can negotiate for items to be done as servicing (paint protection or upholstery protection as part of a detail) then you may be able to claim it then - check with your lease provider.
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