Hi Fam, What’s the wall charger you have installed?

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Post by Pan0 »

Hi Fam,

What’s the wall charger you have installed?

Give me a pro and con pls
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Post by Chris »

Tesla wall charger. It's dumb, but it's cheap and flexible (single phase and three phase compatible, wifi connectivity for firmware updates, and comes with a 7m tethered cable)

If you want solar integration buy something else. If you just need a dumb plug-it-in-and-it-charges charger, this is it
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Post by Stephen »

Tesla wall charger at home (no solar) but at a town house we have in another city will be putting in the ZB Benny charger to take advantage of the smarts with solar.
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Post by Rachel »

Zappi v2 love it. It has 3 different setting so we can charge purely off our solar. Solar with little help if solar drops too low or full 7kw pulls it from where it can solar or grid
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Post by John »

This is my setup portable charger and a 32amp wall socket
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Post by Shane »

If you want solar integration, there are three main choices: Zappi, Hypervolt and Smappee. The Zappi is most common, probably because it's been around longest. The Smappee is now only a little more expensive, and provides more flexibility and stuff like solar monitoring. Aesthetics are subjective, but I reckon it and the Hypervolt are the best looking.
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Post by Daniel »

Zappi V2. It's solar coordinated, but rubbish, with terrible firmware and slow support.
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Post by Mohammad »

32 Amps
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Post by Will »

I have several. Ranging from Tesla wall charger, sockets for portable chargers, and a hypervolt
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