Hi everyone! I plan to get a byd dolphin under navated leasing under QLD health. Anyone knows which provider offers the

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Hi everyone! I plan to get a byd dolphin under navated leasing under QLD health. Anyone knows which provider offers the most attractive low interest rate?

I've was quoted a 12.5% interest rate by remserve and only saw Toyota offering an interest rate of 7%. Why such a big difference???
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12.5% wow that’s crazy high
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Toyota are offering 7 percent on a normal not novated lease !!! They are two totally different products and you need to compare apples with apples not apples with oranges

Novated will always be higher cause u.r getting a tax benefit
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Post by Andrew »

Try Novated Lease Australia. PM me for contact, I'm getting one too and you (and I) could get a $200 voucher for referral. The guy said it's 7.9% but will go up as the RBA announce a rate rise.
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8.26% Bank of Queensland
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I got Atto3 via novated lease call Enlist 9.5%
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12.5 percent sounds like a mistake to me. Only an idiot would accept that.

However a One of two percent different interest rate on a electric vehicle novated lease will make stuff all difference so find someone your employer will allow under 9 percent and all will be good

All the savings are tax so a slightly higher interest rate just provides a higher tax deduction and the take home difference won’t be a lot.
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Post by Paul »

Alliance Leasing have been great, I've got my NL via Qld Dept of Education. Interest rate was somewhere in the 8 percent range, excellent service and no admin fees
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Novated lease interest rates are often higher because they simply don't need to compete with a secured car loan rate that others would be offering.

You don't get the tax break on the Toyota loan, hence they need to be more competitive, also your employer will determine who you can use for leasing.

It really does suck, but that's just how it is 🤷‍♂️
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Well for a start, there is a huge waiting list on Toyota hybrids, so unless you buying off the forecourt you can expect to wait 18 months.
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