Hi brains trust, I went to get something out of the atto 3 this evening and it suddenly went dead as it I pressed the op

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Post by Michael »

Hi brains trust,

I went to get something out of the atto 3 this evening and it suddenly went dead as it I pressed the open button on the drivers door. The tailgate still opened and closed but I had open the door with the manual key. Nothing else works, no power(?), No response to the remote.

Any ideas on how to fix/reset?

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Post by Chris »

My first thought will always be the 12v battery. Maybe disconnect it for 30 seconds and reconnect it. If that fails - it could be actually dead.
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Post by Shivaram »

For now you can just press horn and check weather it sounds or not to check 12v battery (normal or not).
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Post by Gary »

What level of charge do you have left

Try to reboot the computer system

Must be a simple explanation

Touch wood - in 22wks I’ve not had this or any other major issues

If something doesn’t work the way I think it should - I just reboot the system

To reboot
Press & hold the silver wheel near the gear shift- about 60sec - the computer will reboot

This screen appears
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Post by Warren »

Was it updating to the new 1.5 software?
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Post by Tony »

You need to carry a jump start kit with you all the time, dont know how will that happen again. It has happen to me once, my friend also has the byd in the last 2 days he has to jump start to drive, awaiting for service department to check in queue
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Post by Nilesh »

I had sort of similar issue, called roadside and jump started it. However after starting the car, the park brake got an issue and I was unable to move the car due to locked wheels. Good luck, looks like it is 12 v battery.
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Post by Sam0 »

Every single day there’s another person with a 12v battery issue. I’m worried BYD doesn’t want a recall so instead changed everyone’s software to try to keep dodgy 12v batteries alive by putting extra strain on the main battery
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