Hi All, I'm wondering whether people would recommend the following portable charger?

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Post by Effendy »

Hi All,
I'm wondering whether people would recommend the following portable charger?
I'm just wondering what sort of socket.

From what I can see it is the round 3 pin industrial.
Is it compatible with Australian standard?

Thanks in advanced.
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Post by Will »

Not an Australian socket.

Personally my advice would be buy one from an Australian source for warranty, electrical certification and an Australian plug
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Post by Xingyu »

I have the 16A (3 pin) version, works well.

I bought it from Feyree official store on Aliexpress.

On checkout they give you the option of choosing what plug you want.
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Post by Lin0 »

good product, work well for me
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Post by Tristan »

I have one of the Feyree 15amp portable chargers. Fantastic little charger
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Post by Petr »

Just make sure your portable charger plugs into a good clean power outlet. Otherwise all should be all good!

(I'm no electrician, but my 15amp outlet slowly melted as it was old and likely dusty which resulted in resistance -> heat -> burning smell; nothing serious happened and it kept working fine, but needed to be replaced with a new outlet; obviously it wasn't the charger's fault..)
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Post by Andrew »

Have one of these as well, works great. You can just swap to an australian 32A plug on the end, pretty cheap through tradezone.
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Post by Mike »

I have the 32A and the 16A version.
I would recommend them both, they are well constructed.
I replaced the blue plug with a 32A 5 pin round wired for single phase.
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Post by Nic0 »

I have the Feyree wall charger and it’s great!
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