Hi All, I am due to get my Atto 3 at the end of April but have major concerns over the roof ripples/dents.

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Post by Martin »

Hi All,

I am due to get my Atto 3 at the end of April but have major concerns over the roof ripples/dents.

I was wondering how many people have checked their roof panels, specifically between the sunroof and roof rail on the left hand side?

I know it doesn’t matter to some people but It does to me so I’m trying to gauge if it’s on every car or if it’s hit and miss?

Thanks in advance everyone 😀
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Post by Smac »

Mine has ripples but couldn't care less. Car to good not to have.
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Post by Ram0 »

What roof issue
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Post by Nina »

What roof issue?
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Post by George »

Zero paintwork or warping issues on mine. Literally couldn't fault the car if I tried.
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Post by Michael »

Zero issue with mine. Detailer said roof is good.
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Post by Dave »

Those big dents in roof are on both sides of my Atto3. If you take delivery under midday Sun you might not notice them, even if tall enough. But the gap under the rails along their entire length can be seen and you can feel it is much wider where others have pointed out those fabrication failures. My main concern is those gaps.They will accumulate debris that cannot be flushed. Even on surfaces that are easy to wash and wax, there are marks on paintwork on mine (after a month) that seem impossible to shift - especially those caused by the BYD badge at the front. But none if that is a problem if you couldn't care less about such evidence of careless fabrication failures. In almost all other respects, the Atto3 seems to fill a slot in the current EV spectrum.
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Post by Steve »

no issues with ours
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Post by Katrina »

None here
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Post by Helen »

Roof seems OK on mine and was outside in a downpour of rain recently; no rain leaked inside the cabin.
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