Hello, can any one please recommend a wall charger which can charge in 9 hours.

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Hello, can any one please recommend a wall charger which can charge in 9 hours.
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Post by Daniel »

All of them.
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Post by Jason »

Do you have the Atto 3 long range, or the standard? Do you have a Dolphin?, Do you have the Dynamic or the Premium?

Anyway, lets work it out on the Atto 3 LR... The most it can do is 7kW @ 32a, single phase. This is realistically going to be closer to 6.3kW after losses.

If you are planning on discharging the vehicle every day to 0% (some 380~400+km/day) then it is your battery size / your max charge rate.

60kW / 6.3kW. So this will fully charge a the Atto 3 LR battery in 9.5 hours.
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Post by Dallas »

Tesla charger its the best value for $$$$
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Post by Mark »

Basically every wall charger will do the atto3 AC charging maximum of 32A on single phase. You will need to choose based on other factors than charge rate.
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Not sure when - but
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Post by Ross »

No matter what size charger you get, the Atto3 can only charge at a maximum of 7kW on A/C. So since the LR battery is only about 60kW, the time is based on the size of the battery / maximum charging speed. That is 60/7=8.57hrs. However there will be loses in transfer so from 0% to 100% would be more than 9hrs.
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Post by Ahmad »

Tesla gen3. I’m very happy with it. Staring at 10pm and it is always full around 5-6am
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Post by Matt »

Any wallbox charger will do the job. The Atto 3 maxes out at 7kW, but if you have 3 phase you can also use a 22kW (it will only charge at 7, but future proofing and also gets around some install issues in Qld for example).

If you want just a basic box, it'll set you back around $750, if you want something with all the solar smarts etc, expect around $1400-2000. You really need to decide for yourself if it's worth the extra, but solar aware is great if you can charge during daytime hours.

We (Anzu Charging) have a great solar aware unit which can do single or three phase, or you can get a nice 7kW single phase unit for around $795 which still gives app control etc.

Personal choice at the end of the day, my main unit atm is a LINCHR 7kW unit, works great and runs either bluetooth or WiFi (for OCPP), the bluetooth is handy as it avoids alot of the headaches with poor WiFi in most peoples garages.
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